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Galaxy B cube undertakes the most reliability level that any pergola System can ever achieve. How would you like to sit safely in the garden of your villa with only 4 carrying posts or have your guests taste their cocktails at the poolside of your hotel?

With B Cube, which is the most ideal pergola system for large area coverings, you can confidently put your signature on outdoor concert events. You can host your friends for a pleasant dinner in your garden with different lighting or you can make your special days even more special with ambient lighting, with the light system surrounding the four carriers.


In the B Cube family of the pergola system, B Cube Space stands out with its system structure that is mounted on a flat area and supported by carrier pillars from the front. If you have a large area in outdoor design, the B Cube Space model is for you. It will be possible to transform your private living-space into a visual light feast thanks to the ambient lighting (RGB), while supporting it with front carrier pillars provides an extra safe outdoor use. It is not impossible to experience 3 different moods under the roof of the B Cube Space pergola, where 3 different light systems can be used at the same time. The model, in which the rotating panel structure can be adjusted from zero degrees to 120 degrees, will also save you time with its ease of use.


If you say that “let me host my friends in my garden in a comfortable and stylish ambiance” but it forces you too pen and close the pergola, it’s time to say goodbye to this thought with the B Cube Classic. B Cube Classic is a product that combines aesthetics with power and adds value to your space with its panel technology that can reach 80 degrees inclination and rotate while retracting. You can now host your loved-ones in your detached garden, even in stormy weather, with B Cube Classic, which combines lighting and ergonomics with naturalness. The B-Cube pergola system, which is produced to with stand-harsh weather conditions, will be your most reliable supporter in your outdoor living space.


If you have a free spirit and do not like stability, the B Cube Freedom pergola system will support your Outlook on life. Freedom stands out as a self-sufficient product in the B Cube pergola family that can stand on 4 legs. The fact that it can stand on its own feet without the need for any building or construction support makes our freedom model easily distinguishable among B-Cube family members. With its self-sufficient but durable, free and modern stance, our B-Cube Freedom model offers you ease of use with it one-button opening and closing and rotating while opening, like other B-Cube family members. Making outdoor spaces safe thanks to its durable construction system, B-Cube pergola family promises you a “freedom”, ergonomics, a convenience and a style.


How about capturing the dynamism of the city in your private living space with the B-Cube Urban pergola system? Our “Urban Model”, which is included in the B Cube pergola system family, is fixed on a flat surface and supported by a hanger. While entering your private property, it is possible to catch movement with the B-Cube Urban model or to add harmony to your restaurant in front of Street you operate. Unlike other models in the B-Cube family, our urban model has 3 sides separated into water carrier gutter profiles.


All that eternity needs is existence. Our “Infinity” model in the B Cube pergola family needs a carrier construction that is ready to reflect its infinity. Unlike other models of the B-Cube family, “Infinity” is able to gather your separate rooms in your private living-space in under a single roof from the outside. By mounting rail profiles and panel profiles between the intermediate records of the wooden or iron carrier structure in the existing area, your area of use can be opened or closed as you wish.



We produce solutions for you to safely carry your outdoor living spaces to the future with the Rising pergola tent systems. One solution that we produce from them is Subulate Tectona. With this system, you can open and close an area of 135 square meters. While Subulate Tectona can expand 10 meters without the need for a support profile, it can work in harmony with optional glass system and similar closing options. You feel safe and strong inside your home, don’t you? Would you like experience this feeling in your outer living space as well? Who would not want to safely extend a family garden breakfast until dinner in the warm spring months? With the power and magnificence of Subulate Tectona, it is possible to do all this easily.


Subulate Minima pergola will be one of your durable supporters for you, when you limit the material and spiritual elements in your life according to your needs and want more focus, freedom of movement and living comfort. Subulate Minima pergola, besides containing many functional details, produced as opening and flat. It can be closed with insulating glass systems or motorized curtain systems. Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday privately and safely in your garden or do you want to organize a stylish bazaar by the poolside of your hotel? With Subulate Minima, it is possible to do these things by protecting yourself from the sun in the summer and ignoring the pouring rain in the winter.


Would you like to host your guests safely on your hotel terrace with a forest view, or add elegance to your outdoor living space by sitting comfortably by the pool with your family regardless of the rain and heat? You can reach all and more with Falcate Tectona.

Would you like to make your wedding ceremony, which is your most special moment, more special? Falcate Tectona pergola makes this request possible with its half oval option. Your uniqueness is safe under the roof of tectona.


Falcate Minima is designed to add functionality to your living space while working in harmony with two different types of our lighting systems. The pergola system, which you can see in half-oval form offers not only many functional details but also reliable solutions that can be produced in three different forms and can be used in all four seasons. With Falcate Minima, it is possible to bring elegance to your outdoor living-space in accordance with your budget. Enjoying accessible elegance while hosting your guests with pleasure and confidence under the falcate minima will make you feel special.


We have added to the options of full-oval to our pergola systems by taking into account that Quality and elegancy make difference in every period. When you would like to see the sky or enjoy the rain by reading a book in your external living-space, you can experience each of them under your Unifoliate Tectona System. It has never been to be easy to make difference with details. We produce in order to put reliable, natural and elegant solutions in to your external living-space.


Unifoliate Minima pergola has been designed to put in more functionality in your living-place while it works in a harmony of two sorts of our lightning systems. What about to be feeling of that the sky is under your feet thanks to your Unifoliate Minima pergola while you are resting in the evening in your external living-place?



The most crucial and the most distinguishable feature that distinguishes the Sunshine Articulated Manual Awning from its counterparts is its unique design. Sunshine, which is a combination of elegance and being perfect, offers you a safe atmosphere with its solid body structure thanks to its support apparatus. 


Moonlight, which has a remote control lighting function, is designed for those who want more. You can specify it according to your desiring your night light with Moonlight, which offers the advantage of integrated lighting function in Turkey’s first retractable arm system. For those who want more…



With Twins, you can instantly protect a large area such as 49 square meters from the sun and drizzle, and you can do it quickly and ergonomically. Two articulated awnings stand back to back and offer you instant shading with the support of the steel construction. Do not worry if your book will get wet in the spring rain. Read and enjoy the novel you love in outdoor living area. Twins will be a shelter from the drizzle for you.


You can invite the sun or be protected from the rain in your outdoor living-space by using only one button and without getting tired, with our Pars Cassette Awning Model, which is manufactured with a remote control as standard. When your awning is closed, the acrylic fabric will remain closed in the box, so the life of your fabric will be longer. Pars Cassette Awning is indispensable for those seeking minimal elegance.


The Pars Plus system, which has the same structure as the Pars system, can either invite the sun or shade to an outdoor living-space of 25 square meters without getting tired by using a single button. With the Pars Plus Cassette, the choice is always yours.


What do you think is luxury? You can bring a new expansion to the concept of luxury, with Pars Plus Luxe Cassette Awning, with the lighting advantage of Pars Plus Luxe Cassette, let your romantic dinner shine with luxury cassette awning, not candles.



Janela is a product that makes difference and distinguishes itself from all other shade systems with its retractable arm technology and structure. Janela, which can cut the sunlight up to 175 degrees, is a product that appeals to the eye with its stylish and visionary design. Janela, where your fabric is in the storage area thanks to the cassette system, is ready to serve you manually if you wish, although it is produced with motor as standard. 


Would you like to cut the sunlight and watch the scenery comfortably with the vertical curtain system, which is a transparent fabric structure? The vertical curtain system, which has a motorized structure, does not make you feel the wind even if it is exposed to light wind thanks to its Zip technology. With the protection of your sun store vertical curtain, you can withdraw to your room after the sun in summer and you can rest.


When you browse through so many technological shading systems, we seem to hear you say where that umbrella system is as we know it, here it is. Umbrellas, which can also be used manually with vertical or inclined profile options in square and round forms, are ideal for covering your large outdoor living area.



R1 Subulate is one of our flat structure models that we produce for surround large outdoor living spaces by mounting two products from the pergola options back to back with the steel construction support. While pergola systems, which offer many varieties of options, bring summer warmth to your outdoor living-space in winter with integrated heating systems, it is enough to turn dark nights into light with integrated lighting and sound systems. Quality has never been a coincidence.


R1 Falcate is one of our models having half-oval structure by installing the two different products with the support of steel construction and we have produced it for external living-spaces. It turns to on and off mode easily with the just one single button, with the advantage of Timing chain that has high-voltage and rustproof bearing moving apparatus. We always take care of being different and qualified, therefore R1 Falcate put Quality and elegancy in your external living-space with its different style that is a blending of two concepts: essentially the same but possibly different in detail.


If you are one of those who say that “I can safely use my pergola in my outdoor living-space in all seasons, and that my pergola should stay only on the upper part while sitting on my veranda”, R2 Subulate is completely for you. R2 is our model with a flat structure that allows different pergola options to work with a special suspension system without the need for front support profiles.


R2 Falcate is one of our models with a half-oval structure that enables different pergola options to work with a special suspension system without the need for front support profiles. Shopping centers have been designed for many years by including outdoor living and eating areas. When this is the case, we can spend a nice shopping day with plenty of oxygen. If you have an eating and drinking place in the shopping centre and willing to make a difference with your exterior decoration, we can highly recommend you our R2 Falcate Model.


If you would like to use your pergola safely in your exterior living area in all seasons, and host your guests with confidence and pleasure in the outdoor living area of your hotel or the common living area of your site, we can offer you a solution with our R3 model from our Subulate pergolas.


How wonderful it is to watch the sunset on the pier, especially while tasting your coffee. We promise you to taste your coffee safely under our R3 Falcate pergola and enjoy the sunset. Steel construction in our R3 Model, has been made available for hangings with its special design.


R4 pergola systems are our flat structure model that Works with a special support strut system without the need for front support profiles. You can entertain your guests for hours with your R4 Subulate pergola on the entrance porch your villa.


R4 pergola system is our model with a semi-oval structure that Works with a special support strut system without the need for front support profiles. We offer an ergonomic solution to your outdoor living space with our R4 Falcate model.


If you say that “let me divide my outer living space into two from the top and both sides are independent when necessary”, we can create this for you with our R5 model. Our R5 model, which offers a solution by mounting two buttressed pergola systems back to back with steel construction, provides medium-sized opening.


R5 has been designed to create outdoor living-spaces of turn on and off by mounting two strut pergola systems back-to-back thanks to the steel construction. This system, which has a semi-oval structure, provides you to spend time with pleasure in your relaxation area above your pool.


R6 Subulate, which is designed for both our pergola products and which have 2 different profile structures as Tectona and Minima, is our model with a flat structure. With R6 Subulate, which consists of two suspended pergola options that are mounted back to back with the help of steel construction, you can safely all four seasons even if your outdoor living -space is large. With R6 Subulate, you can describe your outdoor living area with certain lines and organize your business meetings comfortably under our pergola which does not strain the eyes.


R6 Falcate is an ideal by being has a semi-oval structure, solution for large outdoor living-spaces. If you are one of those who want to enjoy four seasons safely with your family in our large outdoor living-space, we are able to make solution for you with the R6 Falcate.


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